Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blast from the Past II

Another one of my poems from a long time back..

The Joker

The little card looked smug at the proposition,
She was the joker for the game.
Now she could be anything she wanted,
She could take up any name.

Patiently she waited, for her turn to come,
Till she could not wait any further.
When she was placed with the king of hearts
On one side and the knave on the other.

She felt like jumping up and down,
She was scared she would scream,
For being the queen of hearts,
Was beyond her wildest dreams.

How was she supposed to conduct herself?
She'd never been royalty before.
So she tried to emulate what the others did,
No one could have done more.

Now, as the luck of the draw would have it,
The queen of hearts herself came.
Knocking her off her precious place,
Reminding her it was part of the game.

Along with the commoners she waited,
Wondering where she'll end up and how.
Though she had never been placed higher before,
She never felt lower than she did now.

Two other queens soon came that way,
Did they give her a disdainful glance?
She turned her eyes away in shame,
Remembering bitterly, her lost chance

But they called out to the queen of hearts,
And took her along as they went;
Now, the king and knave were left stranded,
And to fill the gap she was sent.

Here she was back in her place of pride,
But now the exhilaration had ceased;
For now she knew the profound truth,
They could make or break her as they pleased.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Love.. Yet Again..

This always happens to me. Whoever I love ends up leaving me. At first something about him grabs my attention, something that makes me go "Ah, perfect!" Then it becomes an everyday affair. My legs automatically take me to the same place during the break. I think I've found something that'll last forever. Then one day suddenly, he's no longer there. I look here and there. He's not even with his other friends. I'm crestfallen. Every day I look for him, with the same result. Finally, I give up.

Then one day I see someone else. He's very different, yet he seems interesting. I'm careful at first, but I finally give in to the happiness. There's a bittersweet manner about him that managed to always captivate my senses. Imagine my surprise when one day, he vanishes without a trace. It is then that I realize that this might be part of something bigger. There might be a conspiracy against me. But why would someone target me? I didn't know, but that day I vowed I'd never endanger anyone by associating myself to him. (Contd after picture)

However today's one of those days, when my resolve seems to be breaking. I might be falling in love again. But something's different this time. This time I shall not be a mute spectator. If anyone tries to get the "Mango flavoured green tea Snapple" off the shelves of our convenience store, he shall face my wrath. Nothing I do can bring back the "Naked Juices Watermelon Chiller" and the "Diet Snapple Cranberry Raspberry" , but I swear on their memories that I shall not let anyone take away my favourite drink anymore!

P.S.: Life has been a little mundane of late. Hardly any inspiration to blog about. Hence I have decided to magnify small events and project them as the end of the world! :D Here's an example. :P

P.P.S : Please leave a comment :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For All The Things That Do Not Matter

"Hi, how're you?" This is probably the most confusing question to answer, unless you're being formal of course( Wide fake smile and "I'm doing good, how 'bout you" comes to the mind.) What do I say? "Oh, work's a little hectic, so I'm a little stressed." but I'm actually thinking "I just had a candy bar and I'm on top of the world."

The problem is, we tend to associate our state of life with things that quantify our success - academics, jobs, money and so on. Noone seems to care about those little things that get us nowhere in life, but end up putting a smile on our faces. Worry no more, for this is what this post is about. :D

Following is a list of such small(sometimes crazy) things that I do that keep me happy or, well, just entertained.

1. I listen to the Mission Impossible theme on my way to college because I like to imagine that I am on a secret mission. Does make the journey a lot less boring.

2. I love bugging my friends with the most horrible jokes ever. :P

3. I love eating chocolates in the messiest manner possible. There's something about scraping/licking off the last bit of melted chocolate from the wrapper.

--Intermission: Taking a break because I remembered there's some chocolate in my drawer :)--

4. I love taking lots of breaks between serious work to make myself milkshakes and cold coffee. Be warned however that productivity might take a hit in this case.

5. I like to clutter my workspace with a lot of stationery, and useless things like a fleece blanket (I might need it when I pull an all-nighter) and a knife and cutting board for cutting fresh lemons for making hot lemon tea.

6. I like to take walks with friends on cold winter night, and chat about inconsequential topics. A coffee or some vending machine product is always welcome :)

7. I like stopping to admire a beautiful flower growing wild, the translucent shades of the leaves in fall, or a pristine moon in an almost cloudless sky.

8. I like to smile at every kid I see on the street, and wait for them to smile back.

9. I love to animate a stuffed toy and make him dance on cheesy Bollywood music.

10. I love to crack geeky jokes which most other people do not understand.

11. I lovvvvvveeee to dance, especially on the street when no one's looking..

12. I really enjoy singing Rubarooo.. in the shower.. :P

13. ......

This goes on and on doesn't it? Such a long list, and I'm just getting started. And I'm sure each one of us has a similar list. Then it's ironical when people say "I have nothing to be happy about.". Call me simple, call me ignorant, but next time I feel that way I'll revisit my list and I'm sure things will be fine. Someone once said the only reason you need to be happy is a desire to be so. I think it's time we all gave it a shot. :)

**PS: I would love to hear what you thought about this post. Please do comment. And do tell us a little about your list

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blast From The Past I

This is a poem which I wrote a while ago. (Serves as a filler till I deal with procrastination)


For the constancy of change,
For the transience of permanence;

For the agony of laughter,
For the ecstasy of pain;

For the profit in every loss,
For the loss in every gain;

For the storm after the calm,
For the silver lining of every cloud;

For the futility of importance,
For the importance of anonymity;

For the company in solitude,
For the loneliness in a crowd;

For the island in every ocean,
For the oasis in every desert;

For the friend in every foe,
For the enemy in every pal;

For the heart that yearns for peace,
For the brain that seeks stimulation;

I , the simple and straightforward person,
Crave for every paradox in life.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I've been dreaming.. (concluded)

Dreams, dreams, dreams...
They keep changing every time.
I think I'll stop documenting them,
Else they shall spoil my rhyme..

Monday, March 31, 2008

By Popular Demand..

Holla: Come here u big deer.. Let me feel you..

Deer: Dude!!! I was in this for the chicks.. Heck.. You gotta start somewhere. [Sigh]

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Unflattering cartoon Pic

Now what could I be thinking????

Probably, "I just paid a fortune for these fake curls, I cant die yet.. I'm not even done using my first tube of wet-look gel... "

*What really happened? We were dancing and singing and getting pictures clicked, when the bus took a precarious turn.. Photo shows transition between wide mouthed singing and momentary shock.. But I agree the first one's more interesting.. :D