Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For All The Things That Do Not Matter

"Hi, how're you?" This is probably the most confusing question to answer, unless you're being formal of course( Wide fake smile and "I'm doing good, how 'bout you" comes to the mind.) What do I say? "Oh, work's a little hectic, so I'm a little stressed." but I'm actually thinking "I just had a candy bar and I'm on top of the world."

The problem is, we tend to associate our state of life with things that quantify our success - academics, jobs, money and so on. Noone seems to care about those little things that get us nowhere in life, but end up putting a smile on our faces. Worry no more, for this is what this post is about. :D

Following is a list of such small(sometimes crazy) things that I do that keep me happy or, well, just entertained.

1. I listen to the Mission Impossible theme on my way to college because I like to imagine that I am on a secret mission. Does make the journey a lot less boring.

2. I love bugging my friends with the most horrible jokes ever. :P

3. I love eating chocolates in the messiest manner possible. There's something about scraping/licking off the last bit of melted chocolate from the wrapper.

--Intermission: Taking a break because I remembered there's some chocolate in my drawer :)--

4. I love taking lots of breaks between serious work to make myself milkshakes and cold coffee. Be warned however that productivity might take a hit in this case.

5. I like to clutter my workspace with a lot of stationery, and useless things like a fleece blanket (I might need it when I pull an all-nighter) and a knife and cutting board for cutting fresh lemons for making hot lemon tea.

6. I like to take walks with friends on cold winter night, and chat about inconsequential topics. A coffee or some vending machine product is always welcome :)

7. I like stopping to admire a beautiful flower growing wild, the translucent shades of the leaves in fall, or a pristine moon in an almost cloudless sky.

8. I like to smile at every kid I see on the street, and wait for them to smile back.

9. I love to animate a stuffed toy and make him dance on cheesy Bollywood music.

10. I love to crack geeky jokes which most other people do not understand.

11. I lovvvvvveeee to dance, especially on the street when no one's looking..

12. I really enjoy singing Rubarooo.. in the shower.. :P

13. ......

This goes on and on doesn't it? Such a long list, and I'm just getting started. And I'm sure each one of us has a similar list. Then it's ironical when people say "I have nothing to be happy about.". Call me simple, call me ignorant, but next time I feel that way I'll revisit my list and I'm sure things will be fine. Someone once said the only reason you need to be happy is a desire to be so. I think it's time we all gave it a shot. :)

**PS: I would love to hear what you thought about this post. Please do comment. And do tell us a little about your list


Dirac said...

The problem is, we tend to associate our state of life with things that quantify our success - academics, jobs, money and so on.

I think thats one of the most consequential statements I have ever heard. I loved the blog. :)

Priya said...

I agreeeeeeee to the previous comment totally...i guess this was a free flow of harmless,innocent, random thoughts and its beautiful in its sheer simplicity:)...Also, I do some of these things toooooo!!!!

Vinni said...

u eating the chocolate messily! i can imagine. :)
i also love to listen to hindi music, when no one else is watching :D

Part Zombie said...

Guys, thanks for ur comments :)

@vinni: omg! thnx for letting us in on ur darkest secret :)

Da Vinci said...

Ohhh...I have long long list...like..
1. watch ACP Pradyuman doin funniest things possible in CID every night vbefore i go to sleep..or watch Bigg Boss...

2. watch my darling nephew's photos all the time who thinks I am wandering somewhere in space in the clouds...he sends me messages through the clouds!!!

3. watching a video of me n poli n preetika whr we dance like some tribal 'junglis' and laugh and laugh till i keep rolling on the floor..

4. cooking!!! my fav chicken...

5. getting deeply moved the pictureque fall colors and imagining myself as sharukh khan dancing round the trees with my gf...and a song like "Tumhi Dekho Naa" playing in the background... (this is the most common one!!!)

These are a few of my favourite things!!!!

Preetika said...

Hey very nice post :) here is my list...

i) Listening to pandora (radio), almost all the time and sometimes my fav list of songs and singing along :P

ii) I love it when i go back home at 4-5 pm, the sun descends before it sets and the entire stretch of avent ferry is all golden :), similarly at the time of dusk the sky looks really nice

iii) when i get bored i talk to people in my lab and enjoy discovering new things about them every time

iv) browsing through my own picture albums :D:D:D and flickr sometimes

v) Watching the big bang theory and singing out REALLY LOUD at home - all stupid songs n songs with lyrics all mixed up

vi) bugging my roomies (poli n vj) saying ki BORE HO RAHA HAI kuchh masti karte hain and calling them chorini all the time just for fun

vii) talking on phone to people i value the most (it gives me maximum happiness :) )

phew... :)

Nasal Crooner said...

thats a pretty candid list :)

umm for me...

1. Hot chocolate + filter wills
2. Bitching abt bosses wid colleagues
3. Pulling roomies legs [thts like the best feeling :P]
4. Arguing with Man-U and Che$ki supporters that they'r all useless cunts :D *wide smile*
5. waking up @ 9am on a weekday with a hangover when am expected in offc at 8!

Khushboo said...

Luved ur blog! :)
Ur writings are as cute as you are!

Debanjan said...

The best part about this blog is that it is so refreshing .You have picked the simplest of topic that is so important to our life but
we never tend to care about. Your blog has forced me to walk down the memory lane. The way you have portrayed your innocence is worth
mentioning .Excellent work!!! Bravo ....Keep it up babes :)
Way to go .............your jokes still sucks and are unbearable :) but take it as a compliment

Well my list goes something like this

1) Hot tea and a half burned ciggie (as my friend has pointed out as well)

2) Taking ounce and ounce of crap which doesn’t make sense

3) Just finished the last quotas of phuchka but want another plate

4) Following all sports intensely as if my relative is taking part in it

5) listening to altaf raja and roger waters one after the other

6) PNPC about other friends and happenings in their life

7) Checking orkut time and again hoping that some babe might have scrapped

8) A long drive after I am intoxicated

9) Running away from office trying to catch the last bus

and finallllyyyyyyy

10) U bring a kid in front of me (has to be less than 4 years) and it will bring a smile on my face whatever is my mood

Part Zombie said...

Am overwhelmed by this great response. And some people who I did not bug also came :D

Thanks guys..

@D: Just bcoz u dont get it doesnt mean it's not funny ;)

Ruchira said...

Simple things in life go unnoticed/unappreciated.its only when someone points it out to us that we realise it:)

What is this life so full of care
we have no time to stand and stare

Sneha Divakar said...

i like the rubaroo part.. everyday in shower, same song! kinda cute...
for a while now i ve been hearing kandisa ringing in my mind at all odd times like when visiting cafeteria and peeing..
phew! you are definitely better

sanir2005 said...

Thats a nice little list. You choose a wild flower over smelling the proverbial rose though. But then, I actually identify with that sentiment.

By the way, if you get confused by a "how are you", here are some possible options:

1. Give them a minute-by-minute of how your day has been, and the last day and the day before that.... don't spare them until they look ready to burst. I have noticed that most people are too polite to interrupt.

2. You can also try grossing them out. Something on the lines of "I have an upset stomach...", and then let your imagination flow.

3. Of course if you are short on time, you just shoot back with a "how are you". According to a 'welcome to usa' book I read, Americans do not expect the "I am doing good" part in the response. I found that interesting.

Of course the caveat is to be selective about who you wanna try your nasty tricks on.

Incidentally, I can't resist closing with a compliment. You have quiet the flair for writing.

Loving Life said...

@sanir2005: Thanks for you compliment and your 'how are you' list. Will try these tricks on someone. I would love to read your blog sometime.