Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blast From The Past I

This is a poem which I wrote a while ago. (Serves as a filler till I deal with procrastination)


For the constancy of change,
For the transience of permanence;

For the agony of laughter,
For the ecstasy of pain;

For the profit in every loss,
For the loss in every gain;

For the storm after the calm,
For the silver lining of every cloud;

For the futility of importance,
For the importance of anonymity;

For the company in solitude,
For the loneliness in a crowd;

For the island in every ocean,
For the oasis in every desert;

For the friend in every foe,
For the enemy in every pal;

For the heart that yearns for peace,
For the brain that seeks stimulation;

I , the simple and straightforward person,
Crave for every paradox in life.