Friday, February 20, 2009

Love.. Yet Again..

This always happens to me. Whoever I love ends up leaving me. At first something about him grabs my attention, something that makes me go "Ah, perfect!" Then it becomes an everyday affair. My legs automatically take me to the same place during the break. I think I've found something that'll last forever. Then one day suddenly, he's no longer there. I look here and there. He's not even with his other friends. I'm crestfallen. Every day I look for him, with the same result. Finally, I give up.

Then one day I see someone else. He's very different, yet he seems interesting. I'm careful at first, but I finally give in to the happiness. There's a bittersweet manner about him that managed to always captivate my senses. Imagine my surprise when one day, he vanishes without a trace. It is then that I realize that this might be part of something bigger. There might be a conspiracy against me. But why would someone target me? I didn't know, but that day I vowed I'd never endanger anyone by associating myself to him. (Contd after picture)

However today's one of those days, when my resolve seems to be breaking. I might be falling in love again. But something's different this time. This time I shall not be a mute spectator. If anyone tries to get the "Mango flavoured green tea Snapple" off the shelves of our convenience store, he shall face my wrath. Nothing I do can bring back the "Naked Juices Watermelon Chiller" and the "Diet Snapple Cranberry Raspberry" , but I swear on their memories that I shall not let anyone take away my favourite drink anymore!

P.S.: Life has been a little mundane of late. Hardly any inspiration to blog about. Hence I have decided to magnify small events and project them as the end of the world! :D Here's an example. :P

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