Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blast from the Past II

Another one of my poems from a long time back..

The Joker

The little card looked smug at the proposition,
She was the joker for the game.
Now she could be anything she wanted,
She could take up any name.

Patiently she waited, for her turn to come,
Till she could not wait any further.
When she was placed with the king of hearts
On one side and the knave on the other.

She felt like jumping up and down,
She was scared she would scream,
For being the queen of hearts,
Was beyond her wildest dreams.

How was she supposed to conduct herself?
She'd never been royalty before.
So she tried to emulate what the others did,
No one could have done more.

Now, as the luck of the draw would have it,
The queen of hearts herself came.
Knocking her off her precious place,
Reminding her it was part of the game.

Along with the commoners she waited,
Wondering where she'll end up and how.
Though she had never been placed higher before,
She never felt lower than she did now.

Two other queens soon came that way,
Did they give her a disdainful glance?
She turned her eyes away in shame,
Remembering bitterly, her lost chance

But they called out to the queen of hearts,
And took her along as they went;
Now, the king and knave were left stranded,
And to fill the gap she was sent.

Here she was back in her place of pride,
But now the exhilaration had ceased;
For now she knew the profound truth,
They could make or break her as they pleased.


Preetika said...

Hey really amazing poem :)

Sabina Grover said...

Really well written... and profound! just superb!

Part Zombie said...

Thanks guys :)

Swadhina said...

thats superb...

Nasal Crooner said...

tht reminds me ...been a long time since i've played poker!!

Dirac said...

a good poem...

Da Vinci said...

I can't imagine someone writing a poem on the joker of a deck of cards. This is truly incredible.
Poli surely writes well but this time I am more moved by the whole idea!
I believe the poem speaks a lot...apart from the literal meaning, I could sense a intricate pain/disappointment somewhere (especially in the last few lines!)
Anyway...but superb poem Poli...

Susmita Mukherjee said...

Ah ha! Written like a true literary genius.

Part Zombie said...

@DaVinci Thanks for looking beyond the obvious..

Mithu di, thanks.. :)

Abhishek Dhanotia said...

So after all my nightout was not wasted..really good one :)

Your blog feed is onto my google reader now ;)

Part Zombie said...


Thanks Abhishek

Anonymous said...

I like it!